Monday, October 4, 2010

Sinha, Ajit Kumar (22-08-1923 - 22-12-1988)

Dr। Ajit kumar Sinha M.A. PhD.(Illinois) was born on 22nd August,1923 at village Khaspur in West Bengal,India. His father late professor Jadunath Sinha is well known for his contribution in the field of Indian Philosophy and Psychology. Dr Sinha was professor of Philosophy at Kurukshetra University. His main contribution to the world of Philosophical thought was his theory of telic principles which he propounded to explain Science , Culture, World Order, Social behavior and Creativity. His theory of cosmic teleology attempted to bridge the gap between Modern Science and Indian Spiritualism. He contributed about 110 research articles which appeared in various reputed Research journals. He authored about 20 books. He was well known in the field by his writings marked by originality and erudition. His contribution to the world of Philosophical thought was recognised and he was made honorary member of American Philosophical Association, U.S.A., International Society for study of time,U.S.A., Research Institute for Study of Global History of Philosophy, W. Virgina, U.S.A. as consultant and Indian Philosophical Congress. He was a member of the editorial Board of journal of Arts & Humanities and interdisciplinary Studies, Univ. of Connecticut U.S.A., Journal of Education, Praci-Jyoti, Digest of Indological studies, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra University Research Journal of Arts and Humanities. He was also the editor of the Proceedings of symposia on Philosophy(!966), Democracy and World Peace ; An International journal. His bio-graphical sketch appeared in who is who in World published by Marquis Publications, Chicago, U.S.A. Some of his writings couldnot be published during his lifetime.An attempt is being made to compile and edit his unpublished works. Forthcoming publications are i) Philosophy of Science ( In Tantrik Perspective) ii) Symbolism in Classical Indian Art and Culture. iii) Philosophical reflections on International Relations .
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